More men are turning to Vaser Lipo says leading UK clinic

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More men are turning to Vaser Lipo says leading UK clinic

According to the Advance Lipo Center,the advent of the minimal-invasive Vaser technique has meant 150% more men are turning to liposuction than before. The clinic´s surgeon Dr Bassi has confirmed that half his patients are men.

Hove, England, August 2015 –Dr Bassi, a cosmetic surgeon ( in the Advance Lipo Center, confirmed that nowadays he has same number of male patients as female patients. Last year alone 558 men had liposuction and that number is on the rise.

With the media continually focusing on stars with rock hard abs and perfectly sculpted pecs it’s little wonder more men have taken to the gym. For most men the ideal body is an incredibly difficult goal to achieve, and they find it very discouraging when all their hard work doesn’t result in the definition they want.

Convenient And Fast

The idea that liposuction was a drastic solution came from the complicated,and painful surgeries of the past that involved very long recovery times and substantial bruising. With Vaser, however, the recovery time and bruising are dramatically reduced allowing it to be a convenient and fast way to have fat removed.

With Vaser technique there is no general anesthetic, and instead of spending the night in a recovery ward you can walk straight out of the treatment room.

Even men who work out regularly can have love handles that are almost impossible to remove with exercise. After a certain age no amount of effort can take away those fatty areas in the stomach, or firm and shape the pecs to show off all the hard work you have been doing in the gym.

Social and professional commitments also play a part in explaining this trend towards Vasor, the minimally-invasive liposuction solution. When you work all day in your professional life, and then come home to spend time with your family it can be hard to find the time or energy to work out.

Dr Bassi, at the Advance Lipo Center, is a Vaser liposuction specialist. He and his team are ready to take some hurdles out of your way, giving you the definition you deserve.

About Advanced Lipo Centre

With clinics in both Nottinghamshire and Harley Street, the Advanced Lipo centre offers a variety of cutting edge liposuction procedures, including Dr Bassi´s innovative combination of Vaser and Tickle techniques.For more information about the Advanced Lipo Clinic visit

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