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Leading TEFL Company Continues Impressive Expansion

A leading TEFL academy has reached 30 training locations and is continuing to expand. The progress of theTEFLAcademy is a clear indication of the buoyancy of the TEFL market at the moment. Belfast, Ireland, August 2015 – theTEFLAcademy has been expanding at an impressive rate over recent years. The academy, which specializes in delivering face [...]

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Leading TEFL Academy offering jobs around the world

theTEFLAcedemy, the number one TEFL course (https://www.theteflacademy.com/course-information) provider in the UK, is offering an impressive array of TEFL jobs around the world. Those that pass TEFL courses now have more exciting options than ever before. Brighton, England, August 2015 – TEFL has grown as a field over the last two decades, driven by the trend [...]

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