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Magnet therapy for extra horsepower

Magnetic therapy has been making headlines for its ability to relieve symptoms of arthritis, joint pain, high blood pressure and sports injuries. Norstar Magnetics, a leader in magnetic therapy products, states that magnets are a big thing on the eventing circuit as well.

England, November 2015

The field of magnetic therapy has witnessed much discussion around the benefits of using static magnets vs Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field products. Norstar Magnetics, a pioneer in magnetic therapy, has found the PEMF technology is better suited to the equine industry due to deeper penetration of its magnetic field – up to 18 inches. The global frontrunner posits PEMF as a perfect, holistic alternative to treat horses with ligament injuries, sore backs and shoulders, small fractures, stone bruises and non-healing wounds.


Many vets and physiotherapists also opine that traditional treatments can release toxins into the horse’s system and prove to be harmful in the long run. Due to the nature of magnetic therapy bones and large muscle groups in horses can be treated through completely non-invasive procedures. Horse Journal published their own findings on the matter on their website – “Over the past 11 years, we’ve never had a horse with back pain that didn’t respond dramatically to PEMF. There are likely exceptions to this, such as a horse with an acute fracture, but in the horses we have treated, we’ve had a positive response in a short time.”

For best results, Norstar Magnetics recommends the use of a product like Magnassage. This cordless, handheld, lightweight device ticks all the boxes. It can be used anytime, anywhere, and enables carers to target any part of the horse. Small wonder then that it’s a big hit in the equine industry.

Magnetic therapy goes beyond just treatment of injury. It can be used routinely as a preventative measure. The easy-to-use, handheld Magnassage, when used in a massaging motion, can have a calming effect on a horse, in addition to maintaining good health and proper circulation.

The high physical stress involved in racing can adversely affect the horse and the rider. Both are equally prone to injuries. But magnets have proved to be therapeutic for both man and beast. Norstar Magnetics’s Magnessage makes it possible to treat the horse and the rider with the same technology.

Norstar Magnetics specializes in the provision of products for equine and human use. The eventing and racing industries are increasingly turning to magnetic therapy for recovery, maintenance and performance enhancement.

So no horsing around. Embrace the powerful, empowering and healing force that is magnetic therapy.

About Norstar Magnetics

Norstar Magnetics is a name that signals safety, effectiveness and affordability in magnetic therapy. Its industry leading status is borne of the fact that it boasts a highly versatile collection of products that can tend to almost any kind of physical discomfort. Needless to say, the company has racked up a large number of satisfied clientele.

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