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Drone Guard Insurance Launches New Irish Website

Southwater, West Sussex, England (January 19, 2018)- Droneguard Insurance which provides a range of insurance products for commercial drone owners and operators in the UK, recently announced the launch of its new Irish domain website. This new, modern-design website provides quick and easy access to important information and features about the company’s products as well as simplified purchase and renewal of insurance premiums. There is also a section dedicated to information about drone maintenance and care.

The new site targets web users in the geographical region of Ireland following the rise of drone usage by businesses in the country. The site’s interface has a clean uncluttered design, enhanced functionality and resourceful content focused on the company’s vision to provide unrivalled drone insurance products in the UK. Droneguard’s Irish website went live few days ago and customers have already started using its online services.

James Dunning, the company’s founder and development director spoke about the launch in a press announcement. “We are excited about our new website launch and the detailed information it offers to our customers, investors, partners and other stakeholders. It aims to inform visitors about Droneguard’s unique insurance offerings for commercial drone operators in Ireland and other parts of the UK,” Dunning said. “We also believe that the new site will provide users with all the material they need as we continue to grow and expand our market presence.”

“Based on research, over 98% of drones will encounter a crash at some point in flight. For many small and medium scale businesses, a drone represents a significant part of the company’s investment. It is imperative that they have a reliable backup plan for when such mishaps occur. We also recognise the need for a one-stop shop online for businesses to buy or renew their insurance premiums without hassles,” added Mr. Dunning.

This new development comes at a time when the use of drones has become a key part of many sectors of the Irish economy. From Agriculture to security and entertainment, drone piloting is changing the way entrepreneurs run their business. In Agriculture, UAV livestock monitoring has become a common feature in large ranches. However, there is the occasional crash into another person’s property or livestock.

Droneguard helps businesses protect their capital by reimbursing them if they have to pay for third-party medical bills or liability on a damaged property. Customers can also get full replacement for their commercial drones if they lose it in-flight. The new website explains the conditions for repayment in detail. The company is fully licenced to serve the drone industry in Europe.

According to James Dunning, Droneguard has received acclaim from customers for its attention to the needs of online users and the company intends to maintain its competitive premiums in the industry.


About Droneguard Insurance

Droneguard Insurance is poised to revolutionize online services in the commercial drone insurance sector. The Company provides an extensive range of insurance policies including public liability, hull insurance and drone equipment covers. It currently has operations in West Sussex, England as well as other parts of the UK. For more information on the Company, please visit the www.droneguard.ie/

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