Be Pain-Free! Norstar Magnetics speaks about a pain-free life

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Be Pain-Free! Norstar Magnetics speaks about a pain-free life

At the Official Opening of The Freedom Centre

Norstar Magnetics, a reputed and revolutionary provider of magnetic therapy products, wowed the audience at the official opening of The Freedom Centre, with a promise to help with their pain- Of all kinds.

The company’s array of magnetic products tackles a wide range of problems and focuses on making everyday life more comfortable.

Harlow, England, November 16

Visitors at the opening were introduced to the benefits of magnetic therapy – a science that is neither new nor without scientific backing. Over the last decade, satisfied customers have spread the word, and the company’s products have gained considerable popularity. Ease-of-use and versatility, owing to the fact that there are different products available for different body parts, have added to the attractiveness of this form of complimentary therapy.

Norstar Magnetics can potentially help a variety of commonly faced ailments – arthritis, back pain, headaches and migraine, joint pain and stiffness, nerve pain and circulation issues, muscle pain and stiffness, tendon and tissue problems – that impede daily life. Lumbar supports, ankle wraps, body wraps, magnetic insoles, magnetic coasters, magnessage, pillow pads, elbow pads and shoulder wraps are just some of the magnetic products available from the company.

The therapy involves the application of magnets – static or PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) – to the affected areas of the body. The result? Blood circulation improves, allowing more oxygen to affected site, facilitating faster healing through reduction in swelling, redness, regeneration of nerve function and reparation of joint and bone damage.

Norstar Magnetics revealed that the relative lack of medical study of magnetic therapy has not deterred customers from using their products. According to Dr Mark Atkinson of Norstar Magnetics, magnetic therapy, with an estimated 35 million customers across 22 countries, is a growing market. Experts in the field suggest that the best way to determine if it works for you is to try it out for yourself.

A therapy that’s non-invasive, drug-free, painless, accepted by doctors and clinics worldwide, used by top professional athletes and their physiotherapists, safe and effective, free from side effects, reusable and affordable sounds like the stuff of dreams, right? Not any more. It’s time to open your eyes to Norstar Magnetics.

About Norstar Magnetics

Norstar Magnetics, a world leader in magnetic therapy, was formed in 2007 and is known for its large range of magnetic products that provide relief to millions of customers worldwide. As this form of complimentary therapy gains ground, more and more people are choosing Norstar Magnetics to help them deal with the challenges and stresses of modern day life.

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