Active Kids Nursery is proud to provide weaning support.

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Active Kids Nursery is proud to provide weaning support.

For babies going through the weaning process, Active Kids Nursery works closely with parents to make sure this process happens naturally and with ease.

Weaning can be a stressful time, especially for those planning to send their little one to nursery. Juggling mealtimes at home, stressing about how mealtimes are happening when they’re away, all with the usual scenario of trying to get back to work, can make this an uncomfortable transition period for parent and child. Luckily at Active Kids Nursery, their team are on hand to take on the workload in order to make this process run as smoothly as possible.

Active Kids Nursery is happy to follow and accommodate the guidelines of the parents. They’re careful to only give them solid foods that have been tried with the parent at home, and only introduce new tastes when it has been agreed by the parents that their baby is comfortable on solid food.

Amy Bryce for Active Kids Nursery says, “Here at Active Kids Nursery Hangleton, we will fully support any parent going through the weaning process. It is so important that the parent feels in control. We work closely with parents knowing that milk provides all the nutrients your baby needs for the first six months or so, however we appreciate some babies maybe ready before that.”

To find out more about weaning and mealtimes with Active Kids Nursery or to find out more about their learning ethos, simply follow the link to their website at the bottom of this page.

Notes for editors

Active Kids Nursery is based in Hove and aims to promote a healthy lifestyle within their learning environment. With ages of enrolment ranging from babies to toddlers, right through to pre-school level, Active Kids Nursery provides a safe, open plan environment for children to discover their confidence, interests and to familiarise themselves with their roles as learners before entering primary school. With plenty of open spaces, children in the care of Active Kids Nursery are encouraged to grow and take risks through an ‘education through play’ experience. With a healthy, active lifestyle at the heart of their ethos, they also provide home-cooked meals including breakfast, lunch, tea and a range of healthy snacks, fresh water and milk to see them through the day.

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