4D Lipo Treatments Surge say Advance Lipo Centre

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4D Lipo Treatments Surge say Advance Lipo Centre

Dr Bassi,of the Advanced Lipo Centre, has announced that the demand for 4D liposuction treatments has sky-rocketed in the past year. This trend shows that both men and women are now reaping the benefits of minimally invasive liposuction treatments.

Hove, England, August 2015 –With 4D Liposuction the essential areas of the upper arms and torso (https://www.advancedlipocentre.co.uk/5-vaser-hotspots-that-you-never-considered/)are targeted and shaped while the fat is redistributed to give a natural muscular look to the arms and chest.

The pressure on men to look buff is everywhere. Both Hollywood and the music industry are full of young, handsome perfectly defined male model types that represent an ideal that is sometimes difficult for the average man to emulate. Exercise and a good diet can help you on the road to physical perfection but there are times that nature needs a little help.

When men have excess fat in the pecs,or flanks it can be almost impossible to shape the body to an ideal result. The 4D Liposuction system is great solution since redistributes the fat in the upper torso as well as shaping the torso to define the abdominal muscles.

Walk-in Walk-out Procedure

This ´walk-in walk-out´ procedure is also popular because the recovery time involved is substantially lower than other methods of body sculpting. So by shaping and contouring the body you can show off all the hard work you have done at the gym.

Redistributing the fat from the flanks and stomach areas to the pecs and upper arms gives a classic muscular look that holds steady even when you are running. Apart from the initial shaping one of the major bonuses of this treatment is that if you start building muscle afterwards it can be seen immediately, and in all the right places.

The 4D liposuction system is also popular with men over fifty. In fact, in one clinic the number of men over fifty was as high as one in five. It just goes to show that however old you are you can still look good for the beach.

About Advanced Lipo Centre

With clinics in both Nottinghamshire and Harley Street, Dr Bassi and his team at the Advanced Lipocentre offer a variety of cutting edge liposuction procedures, including 4D Liposuction. For more information about the Advanced Lipo Clinic visit their website at https://www.advancedlipocentre.co.uk/

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