Private Detective Leeds Gives Help Concerning Murder Cases

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Private Detective Leeds Gives Help Concerning Murder Cases

Private Detective Leeds gives help concerning murder cases after reading the article written in the BBC News, dated 15 June 2015: Bradford murder inquiry: Man arrested over woman’s stabbing.

Private Detective Leeds Gives Help Concerning Murder Cases

Upon reading the article published by BBC News, dated 15 June 2015: : The body of Nadia Khan, a 24-year-old, was found at a house in Holker Street, Bradford on Sunday the 14/6/15. A man, aged 26, from Bradford Moor was arrested at around 03:00 BST by the West Yorkshire police. The Police further said that they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. Some reports suggested that the woman was pregnant but the police had not confirmed it yet.

After reading the article in the BBC News, Private Detective Leeds ( decided to enlighten the public on how to handle murder cases. Murder cases occur in different forms and when faced with such a case, Private Detective Leeds tells people to seek the best investigation services available for them to obtain accurate results. Private Detective Leeds has experienced personnel who have worked in the military, forces and the police. Murder cases require every single detail on a crime scene investigation to be brought to light, with Private Detective Leeds, every little data is acquired as they have sophisticated equipments and methods that they use to get information. Private Detective Leeds has very great services that they offer to their clients with the information under investigation being kept a secret between the investigator and the clients which can only be exposed on the client’s request. Furthermore, Private Detective Leeds has a proven record in Leeds of providing discreet and very accurate results in private investigation cases. Also, Private Detective Leeds has caring investigators some of which are male and others female who can take you through all the proposals that they may have concerning your case and deciding together with you on the action to take. Great customer service is what you get when you hire Private Detective Leeds as they work tirelessly to make sure their clients get what they are looking for.

Chief Investigator at Private Detective Leeds (, Ajay Patel ( says that some cases are very sensitive like murder should be treated with the urgency that it requires. Private Detective Leeds has dealt with cases from different backgrounds and people, therefore, no matter which way the murder occurs, they can search and find out what really happened during the murder. Private Detective Leeds are very competent and whatever time you require an investigation to be conducted, just make a call and they will be at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to call Private Detective Leeds as they will take your call and listen to your case very keenly before any action is undertaken. Chief investigator at Private Detective Leeds, Ajay Patel, also says that they provide wonderful investigation services at a very minimum cost. Chief investigator, Ajay Patel from Private Detective Leeds can be contacted on 0113 335 0772.

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