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Dupray Releases Their Most Powerful 110V Commercial Steam Cleaner Yet

The new Hill Injection recently released by Dupray is the most powerful commercial steam cleaner they’ve ever released and the most powerful steam cleaner to hit the market yet. – Nov 17,2012

Daimer® Releases High Power Gum Removal Machines to Boost Sanitizing Systems

Daimer® releases a line of top-grade Ultra 5000CVGP Gum Exterminator® machines with advanced temperatures and pressure levels. – May 01,2012

Daimer® Releases 50 Hz Carpet Cleaners Bundle for Green Cleaning Preparation

The company’s new heated XTreme Power® XPH-5950i 50 Hz equipment will be shipping with a superconcentrated carpet pretreatment that yields around 235 liters of fully diluted, earth-friendly, carpet preparation designed for pretreating rugs before cleanin – May 01,2012

Daimer® Offers Midrange Steam Gum Removal Machines to Boost Heat Bar

Daimer® releases its newest midrange 50 Hz gum-fighting steam cleaners with unique Gum Exterminator® engineering. – May 01,2012

Daimer® Offers 205°F Electric Pressure Washers with New Hose Technology

The advanced 4-unit lineup of 8200-class Vapor-Flo® power cleaners bundles in a hose advancement which allows cleaning pros to venture far away from the base while still maintaining high power and zero exhaust. – Apr 27,2012

Daimer Launches Gas Pressure Washers That Uses Fuel for Heat and Pressure for Full Mobility

Daimer®’s 12500 line includes machines based on propane, butane, gas or diesel, offer high pressure steam, and pressure levels to 3000 psi for heavy-duty applications away from an electrical power source. – Apr 20,2012

Daimer® Releases Bundles Heated Carpet Cleaners with Pre-Treatment Preparation

The company’s heated XTreme Power® XPH-5850T 50 Hz machines will now ship with a super-concentrated formulation that make almost 235 liters of earth-friendly fully diluted, carpet pre-treatment solution designed to soften dirt, emulsify oil, and capture – Apr 12,2012

Pilot Group Opens E-marketing Service Site Using Their Own Software.

In March 2012 Pilot Group, an IT-company specializing on e-commerce software developing, launched email marketing service, built on the script they sell. Service is available on – Apr 12,2012

Daimer® Provides Upholstery Carpet Cleaners Shipping with 7.6M Hoses for Extended Reach

The enhanced XTreme Power® XPH-5950IU auto detailing and furniture systems now include units that support a cleaning radius of 610M. – Mar 21,2012

Daimer Releases New Auto Detailing Car Wash Systems for Better Vehicle Finishes

Daimer® announced SCW versions of its 12800, 12820, and 50 Hz 12805 auto detailing pressure washers featuring heat that tops out at 250°F (121°C) for gentle steam cleaning of tough grease on automotive exteriors. – Mar 21,2012

Top End Chewing Gum Removal Machines are Ready to Ship from Daimer®

Daimer® improved the cleaning power on its KleenJet® 5000 series of patented Gum Exterminator® style steam cleaners and provided a shipping date. – Mar 21,2012

Now Daimer® Provides Long-Hose Ship Support for All Gas Pressure Washer Machines

Three mobile, all gas Super Max™ power cleaning machines are being equipped with a Daimer®-only pressure/hose system that boosts performance with hoses around 300 feet in length. – Mar 21,2012

Daimer Releases Carpet Shampooer with Bundles Bio-Friendly Cleaning Formula

The company’s unheated, advanced 50 Hz XTreme Power® XPC-9250-17 is being shipped with an economical, non-toxic rug pretreatment that breaks up dirt and stains before cleaning begins. – Mar 21,2012

Bleum Named Top 100 Global Outsourcer for 7th Consecutive Year

Demonstration of continued excellence in the field of IT outsourcing – Feb 21,2012 Named Third Best Local Search Company by for February 2012

The independent authority on Search vendors,, has named the third best local SEO company for February 2012. – Feb 15,2012

RazorIT Named Second Best Web Development Company by for February 2012

The independent authority on Search vendors,, has named RazorIT the second best web development company for February 2012. – Feb 15,2012

PageTraffic Named Fourth Best Search Engine Optimization Company by for February 2012, the independent authority on search vendors in India, has been named the fourth best search engine optimization company for February 2012. – Feb 15,2012

Applico Ranked as Best Mobile Website Development Company by for February 2012

Applico has been named best mobile Website development company by for February 2012. – Feb 15,2012

SoVi Digital Named Second Best Local Search Company by for February 2012

The independent authority on Search vendors,, has named SoVi Digital the second best local search company for February 2012. – Feb 15,2012

Bleum Announces Major Expansion of Operations in Chengdu

Strategic expansion to provide COBOL, PL/SQL and supply chain expertise – Feb 10,2012
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