Houston Spine Clinic Offers To Patients Various Advanced Treatment Options To Cure Back Pain

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Houston Spine Clinic Offers To Patients Various Advanced Treatment Options To Cure Back Pain

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Houston Spine Clinic Offers To Patients Various Advanced Treatment Options To Cure Back Pain

PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) – May 22,2012 –

The Spine Center is a specialist center that looks to treat those suffering from back or neck pain. Back pain and spinal trouble are issues that can seriously hamper someone’s ability to perform basic tasks and therefore it is necessary to try and treat any such problems to prevent any serious damage. The center offers both surgical and medical treatment options to patients. 

Whilst some surgeons still prefer to use conservative and traditional back pain treatment methods such as epidurals. The Spine Center has opted to used more advanced surgical spine solutions such as minimally invasive spinal surgery. There are various different minimally invasive surgical techniques that are performed such as Extreme Lateral Lumbar Fusion, Percutaneous Lumbar Pedicle Screw and Trans-Sacral L5/S1 Fusion. These methods are not only used for the treatment of complex spine disorders but also some common spine problems.

The main purpose of spine surgery is to give relief to patients suffering from unbearable pain due to spinal problems such as degenerative disc diseases, herniated discs, osteoporosis, myelopathy, scoliosis, spinal stenosis and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. With the help of the state of art technology and use of modern methods that are less invasive and painful, it is possible to use surgical techniques to help cure many patients who have been suffering from serious spine disorders and back pains. Some of the newer procedures such as minimally invasive surgery can provide some benefits to the patients such as a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery from intense pain. There are other treatment options available to patients if surgery is not required such as the use of medication to control pain relief and physiotherapy sessions to help treat any muscular pain or aggravations.

About Spine Surgeon

Dr. Sadiq Siddiqui, is the lead spine surgeon at The Spine Center and studied medicine at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He is a certified spine doctor to perform minimally invasive surgeries to treat back pain and cure spine related problems. Dr. Siddiqui was the first spine doctor from Houston to perform the complex XLIF minimally disruptive procedure.

The Spine Center is a clinic that focuses on treating spine problems and back pain using both surgical and non-surgical treatments. For more information on spine surgery and advanced back pain treatment methods, interested individuals can either visit www.surgicalspinesolutions.com or phone 866-697-7463.

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