Glasgow Private Detectives Suggest Steps To People To Help Neighbors In Need

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Glasgow Private Detectives Suggest Steps To People To Help Neighbors In Need

After the news titled, “Boy, 3, ‘spends two days alone with mother’s body’” ( was published in The Telegraph on the 12th of June 2015, the Private Detectives of Glasgow felt it was imperative to suggest ways to enable people to help fellow neighbors in times of crisis.

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The report published in The Telegraph on 12 June 2015:, centered on a toddler who was left alone with a dead mother for two days in an apartment. The body of the mother, Lydia Macdonald, was found at a residence in Perth, and is reportedly said to have been 28 years of age. The news stated that the cause of the woman’s death was an asthma attack. The family of the deceased woman has reportedly shown up in time to take the young boy, named Mason Martin, away. It was then that neighbors began to admit having heard Mason’s pleas through the letterbox. However, the neighbors also stated that relevant action was taken when Lydia did not respond after holding a party at the flat on Saturday night. The alarming incident has greatly affected the toddler. Mason will now be living with family relatives. The deceased mother’s neighbors have been supportive and have constantly sent Mason and the deceased’s extended family messages of love and care.

In light of the article published in The Telegraph, the Private Detectives of Glasgow ( decided to jot down a definitive list of the help that could be granted to fellow neighbors when needed. Firstly, the help involved knowing neighbors well and on a personal basis. The process would require an exchange of personal details in times of emergencies and is generally considered a useful exercise. When it is felt that another neighbor is in need, residents are advised to keep a check on the residence and ensure nothing suspicious is going on. The detectives also reiterated the importance of the protection of children and how each neighbor owed a duty to a child in need, regardless of the neighbor’s relationship with the parent. The detectives also advised neighbors to pay special attention to any call of help. Every call, be it major or minor, is of valuable importance and must be duly noted and informed to the relevant authorities as soon as possible.

Glasgow Private Detective’s Chief Investigator (, Hannah Gold, gives advice about how neighbors can help one another in times of obvious crisis. “Individuals in a community usually exist in their own independent bubbles. They might get so engrossed in their lives that it becomes particularly hard to think about anything or anyone else. As detectives, our job is to ensure people know that they owe a duty to those around them. We strive is to protect the people surrounding us and we never forget our duties towards our fellow citizens,” explains the investigator. Hannah Gold is available at the company phone number for further assistance (0141 447 0042).

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